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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Drama for Little

Okay... this is going to be a whopper of a post... here we go.

So school began with  a great start for myself on Sept.6. I was making new friends, loving my classes, and being an average freshman. There was this new girl too. "Sally" (simplicity sake). She seemed really "chill" and cool. I had initially met her at a party over the summer and I thought she was a really funny person. On the first day, I introduced my self and we hung out. We were in different art classes, but by Friday of that week I had switched into sculpture, so we were in the same one. She was excited and so was I. We helped on projects and were two normal friends. Then stuff started to happen.

Apparently, people were making fun of her for hanging out with me. I took it all in stride, but then people started to make fun of me for hanging out with  her. Apparently, in the 21st century, a girl and a guy cant be friends with out some-how being dating. It wasn't true at all. I didn't like her and she liked another kid at our school anyways. Eventually, she got tired of all of the crap and started to distance herself from hanging out with me. She, would make fun of me, in front of other people so it looked like she hated me. I kind of understood so, I made fun of her. It escalated and escalated. Kind of like in Much Ado About Nothing-- the two lovers make fun of each other 24/7 to show how much they hate each other, when really they were friennds. I grew tired of this fighting and told her. She didn't care. She just listened to all her friends and didn't hang out with me--or want to.

So finally, I asked her why and she said I am annoying... i didn't really get this comment so I brushed it off. I admit, I am impulsive and had said things to her i shouldn't have said, and I now feel like carp, but that is behind me. So, trying to be her friend again, I went to a football game that she couldn't go to and got her one of the free bags they were handing out to the first 100 guests. I texted her that "I got it" and she said we are almost good.

I came into school that Monday gave her the bag, but she still ignored me. I didn't get it? I went out of my way to do something nice, and still, im on your ignore list. i was getting tired of this. I was sick of other people making her hate me. Ever heard "Reputation's Ruin"? Well that was what I felt like. I just wanted to be her friend  but other people thought I was weird. Lastly, On our PL day ( PL=Peer Leadership= Seniors from our school take us out for a field day to be friends with us) I kinda snapped. She kept ignoring. So, i called her loser, over and over ( I know, Its not how you handle this type of situation) and tool. I felt terrible about this and later i tried to apologize.

She blew me off and said I am wired and don't have friends and annoying and mean. I just felt depressed and knew I would never get out of this hole.

I don't get it. I was that kid that was nice to you from the start. And 3 weeks later you won't even talk to me. She ignores me at school. I just want to to apologize. I'm sorry for what I did.

Ugh.... any suggestions guys?

Overall, I am sorry for what I, If anything, I did. "sally", please forgive me as I forgive you...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Timeline of Summer

Went to NEYALT's (huge lax tourney)
Went to Bulldog Bash and qualified to go to Florida to play lax
Biked like crazy in Acadia
^thats alie, i am going in a week
played hockey a ton
and last but not least
found the HP7 is the best movie ever.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


"And suddenly it seems that my shoulder blades have just shifted
Its like the greatest gift you can get
The weight has been lifted" 


School is out. Exams are done! That will be all.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Hey guys! Sorry for the postless week--you don't care.... Ok now that I got that out, here are some photos. <--ADD sentence. Fifty buck says you couldn't fallow my train of thought.

Most of these were taken on my various biking trips... Tell me what your favorite was.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hipster? We report; You decide.

Hey Guys! Thought I'd make a special post on my birthday! Here are some photos that could further incriminate me of being a "Hipster."

Ok so in the 1st picture we have a lovely lava lamp (hey, that's an alliteration! English ex cred???) that I received as a gag gift. Hipster? Nah not at all...
The second photo is of the freakin' awesome DESK I got. Just about everything about that desk makes me a hipster. So yes, Jenna, if you want to disown me as a friend you have enough evidence. So there we have it. I got a taste of what being a hipster is like... I thought it would taste more like hairspray and v-necks.... Bummer.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Good Day

So here are some photo's I took while with people that I like to communicate with and socialize AKA friends at the shoreline. I love the ocean and marsh.

You may notice one of the picture features a photo of Jen ( a freakin' awesome blogger) trying to be the statue of liberty.....

The first photo is just a really chill shot I got ( that rhymed) of the sky.

Post 1: Take That "Judegment Day"--WE LIVED!

Here we go. It's the moment of truth; will I survive in the blogging world or will I be smoked by the competition. Tough, tough questions..... Anyways, apparently yesterday the entire world was supposed to end but in case you didn't notice I'm writing this post on My 22. I myself was a little nervous, no not nervous, questioning whether or not the world will end so at 5:50 I went out in a an open field with a few friends and sat there until 6pm. When nothing happened we all shouted 'I"M ALIVE! TAKE THAT!" and got some very peculiar looks from passing cars, but in our minds it was pretty dang cool. Anyone else fell the way I did? What would you do if today was your last day (<----------Not intended to be a corny question, but answer it in comments).